Saturday March 28th, Top Diving Gran Canaria will host two chess masters who will play an underwater chess match in the marine reserve.

Ukranian International Master Illia Golichenko will play a match against FIDE Master Abel Carrascoso in full scuba equipment using an adapted chess board and chess clock to account for the underwater environment.

The match will take place at 8 meters depth at one of our local reefs. This area is well known for a variety of marine life including the critically endangered Angel Shark.

IM Golichenko is a PADI Advanced Diver and chess coach, and FM Carrascoso is military police officer and a newly certified PADI Open Water diver. Both divers are students at Top Diving.

This is the first unofficial world record breaking attempt of two chess masters playing a chess match in scuba, at a depth below 5 meters in an ocean. The time control used will be 15 minutes. Two International Masters played a 15 minute match in 4 meters depth in Aruba, in 2008.

The event will also include safety divers, and a FIDE Arbiter.

We will be filming the match and post it later for everyone to see! Good Luck Illia and Abel!