Top Diving dive shop is located in the Puerto Escala Harbour of Puerto Rico. We are approximately 35 minutes by car from the Gran Canaria Airport LPA. Puerto Rico is directly connected to the airport via the GC-1 highway.

Transfers from the Gran Canaria Airport

gran canaria airport guideGran Canaria Airport Guide
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Car Rental:

If you prefer having a car to get around, car rental is available at the airport. Gran Canaria has many amazing places to explore, both beachside, and inland, and if you plan on doing many excursions during your stay, renting a car is your best bet. Car rentals are normally quite affordable, and if you book far ahead you may be able to get a deal. Expect to pay around 65€ per week for a midsized sedan. Make sure you book ahead online, as during busy times there may be few options for vehicles, if any, left.

Car Booking Online:

By Taxi:

There is a taxi stand outside of the airport terminal. You´ll be paying by the taxi meter, so expect to pay approximately 60€ for a direct trip to Puerto Rico. There are also taxi services which are bookable online in advance which are much cheaper. Normally these taxis charge 42€ for the same trip, but you must order them the day before.

Booking online before hand also gives you the option of selecting larger vehicles to transfer large groups. If you travelling in a group, you can rent anything from a 6 person minivan (51€) to a 25 person bus (90€).

Note: Taxi rates are always higher in the nighttime and on fiesta days, this is standard. So if you are arriving on a late night flight, expect to pay more.

Taxi Booking Online:

Public Bus:

Global bus line 91 runs every day between Gran Canaria airport and Puerto Rico and a one-way journey costs about six euros. Pay on the bus or find the desk at arrivals for a discount return ticket. You also need to factor in the cost of taxi from the bus station in the resort to your accommodation.

Line 91 operates between 06.30 in the morning and 20.30 in the evening with one bus every hour. The timetable lists times from Las Palmas so add about 20 minutes to calculate the departure time from the airport.

If line 91 isn’t running then you’ll need to walk under the motorway to the bus stop on the far side and wait for the next Line 1 bus: It runs all day except midnight to 04.00.

Arriving from other towns:

Puerto Rico is the most centrally located town of the resort areas of Gran Canaria South. It is the midpoint between, San Agustin, Maspalomas, and Melonaras to the East. And Playa Mogan, Taurito, and Tauro to the West.

Travelling from any of these neighbouring towns is easy, as they are connected both by the GC-1 (motorway) and the GC-500 (coastal road).

Taxis are very common in the south of Gran Canaria, and is a quick way to get from any of these coastal towns to Puerto Rico. Expect to pay .69 per kilometer.

The public bus system is very good in the south. Buses run regularly, and fares are inexpensive. Line 1 and Line 33 stop at all the resort towns in the south. This is the easiest way to travel between a neighbouring town and Puerto Rico.The Puerto Rico bus terminal is a 5 minute walk from Top Diving in the Puerto Escala Harbour. When you get off the bus simply walk south down Calle Doreste y Molina, towards the ocean.


There is a reasonably priced toll parking lot directly next to Top Diving, in the Puerto Escala Harbour. The parking lot is open Monday to Friday. This is the easiest option as the parking lot is directly next to the diving center.

On the weekend there is parking available in front of the Puerto Rico beach, next to the SPAR SuperMarket. From the SPAR you walk 5 minutes across the beach promanade towards the boat harbour.