A final blog post to wrap up our Angel Shark sightings project for this year.

This year over the course of four months, together with three marine biologists, we were able to collect the data on Angel Sharks at 10 different dive sites in the Franja Marina de Mogán – Gran Canaria´s largest marine reserve.

PADI Shark Conservation SpecialtyOverall we collected data on 363 dives over the course of these four months, and over these dives, we observed 95 Angel Sharks.

The data which was collected, included, the size of the Angel Shark, it´s location (dive site), the sex (male or female), it´s behavior, and the depth at which it was found.

Other data collected included water visibility and water temperature.

All of this data has been passed along to the University of Las Palmas of Gran Canaria and The Angel Shark Project – our collaborators over this past winter. This data will be added to a larger data set of an ongoing project throughout the Canary Islands, which is going to be used for research and as well as developing a conservation strategy for Angel Sharks in the future.

Here are some interesting facts from our project:

The dive sites with the most Angel Shark sightings: Bahia Blanca Reef (our local reef), and The Sailboat Wreck (a deeper wreck), and lastly Puerto Rico Reef (shallow local reef).

The most Angel Sharks spotted on a single dive: The Sailboat Wreck, with 6 Sharks spotted on a single dive March 5th (three males, one female, and two sex unknown). At Puerto Rico Reef on January 17th, we spotted 5 Angel Sharks on a single dive (all female!).

Next year we will continue with the project. If you are a marine biologist and would like to get involved with managing this project, please contact us at Top Diving. If you are a certified diver, and would like to be part of our Angel Shark sighting dives, please email us with your dates (sometime between December and April) and we will organize for you to be part of our survey dives.

Thank you again to everyone for helping us make this project a BIG success this year!

We couldn´t have done it without you!