Scuba Diving with Angel Sharks in Gran Canaria´s largest marine reserve.

The Franja Marina de Mogan has several areas of coastline which have an abundance of Angel Sharks in the winter. This marine reserve in the south is now an area of research interest as scientists are looking to understand the mating and nesting habits of Angel Sharks on Gran Canaria.

Angel Sharks can be difficult to spot as they can be a variety of different colours and patterns, and individual sharks can also change colours within minutes (almost like an octopus). During the day they like to rest and lay buried in the sand in shallow water.

Yesterday, we had a successful day collecting data on Angel Sharks in collaboration with the University of Las Palmas. We were able to find 6 sharks in under two hours, thanks to the amazing cooperation between Top Diving and the visiting research team from the University of Las Palmas.

We hope to understand more about our local reefs in the marine reserve by studying Angel Sharks and other rare Elasmobranch species over the coming years.